Thermal mechanical treatment plant for organic waste waters (TMA)

Sewage plants and biogas plants produce harmful sludges. These types of sludge contain, subject to their pretreatment, min. 70 % water, as well as heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances.

The Envitec conversion system removes all harmful substances in one process and creates a registered fully biological and organic NPK-fertilizer with excellent properties.

Air and sludge are inducted into a vortex rotor and set into turbulences. This creates a stream and other necessary conditions to make the substance particles collide at high speed. This Impact energy heats up the particles for a very short time causing an enlargement of the particle surface and vaporization of the adhesive moisture.

The established dry dust is being removed from exhaust via a cyclone and a back-end filter. The final product is being discharged via a conveyer system for further usage or processing.

Description - HumaCult bio-ferilizer
HumaCult is a certified NPK-fertilizer successfully tested in an extensive trials by the “Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft Braunschweig-Völkenrode (FAL)”. The fertilizer is being registered under the brand names "Organo Top" and "HumaCult".