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Envitec Engineering

The development of sustainable systems for recycling municipal wastewater is becoming increasingly important in times of climate change and the scarcity of valuable raw materials. Envitec Engineering is dedicated to a sustainable circular economy with technological developments and converts polluted or waste materials into recyclable materials. Join us on our journey to cultivate native soils with the help of technology, protect our waters and avoid emissions. 

Envitec produces a high-quality organic depot fertiliser from waste materials for better soils and crops! 

& Environment

Waste materials such as biological sewage sludge and fermentation residues from biogas plants can be a burden on the environment if left untreated. Germs, medical residues and an excess of nutrients can damage soils, waters and plants. And, of course, humans! Our understanding of sustainability is the protection of nature and people with a product that is created from a waste material with little effort and emissions and is returned to the cycle in an ideal form. The natural protection of resources to preserve our environment. We offer that! 
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A technical solution is not created overnight. And in the best case, it should be created where we are at home. Envitec has been working for many years with local component manufacturers and institutes with whom we can consistently develop further and continuously test the products. 

& Environment