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Sustainability is a top priority for us. In particular, the resource sewage sludge is not finite as long as there are people. However, in order for sewage sludge to be used safely and as a sustainable product, it must be hygienised and conditioned in such a way that it is harmless to humans and gentle on nature. 

Sustainability in raw material extraction

Our fertilizer product Humacult

Besides nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), sewage sludge contains many other nutrients that are needed in fertilisers and for healthy plant growth. Envitec extracts all the nutrients from the waste materials and keeps them in the final fertiliser product, HumaCult. This way we remove what is harmful and keep what is needed.

Sustainability in raw material consumption

Our fertilizer product Humacult

Most of the fertilisers used today do not reach the plant root sufficiently. They are easily soluble in water and flow past the plant. So the input quantity must be increased to make sufficient nutrients available to the plant. With us, this is not necessary: In our fertiliser product HumaCult, the nutrients are retained until the plant has used them up. HumaCult is not easily soluble in water, so the fertiliser remains until it has been consumed by the plant.